Friday, February 12, 2010

Cuddle Blanket and Pacifier Clip

I took a quick sewing break from working on my window treatment to make this little cuddly baby blanket for a friend this week.  She just had an adorable baby girl about a month ago.  Having 4 girls of my own, I know how overwhelming the pink can get after awhile, so I decided to go with purple instead.

The fabric is some left over from some blankets made for a friend in Alabama when she had her twin girls. (I ought to post those sometime.....)  The green is some of that silky soft minky fabric I used to make the burp cloth a couple of weeks ago.  I decided to go purchase the binding instead of making my own and avoid a whole lot of frustration.  True to form, I was working on this until the last possible minute.  (And trying to finish supper and help with homework and help work on Valentine's Day cards for school.)

So, a little outfit and the blanket should have been enough, but I decided to throw in one more little something.  What does every new mother/baby need?  Something to keep that pacifier (or toy) from falling out of reach at the most inopportune time, of course!

Easy enough to make.  Just a simple clip purchased over the internet, a length of ribbon and a snap.  My machine decided that it would rather eat the ribbon than sew on it, so that end was done by hand.  The snap is plastic and was put on with a snap press.  (I must admit, I'm so looking forward to making some clothes for the little ones this spring just so I can use snaps instead of buttons or zippers!)  It worked out really well to attach the card to the gift bag using this pacifier clip, too. :)


  1. all of that is super cute, you have a lucky friend. I'm loving snaps too, but I don't have a snap press. worth the purchase?

  2. Larissa - I purchased the press and snaps through a co-op when I was thinking about making cloth diapers for the youngest. I made ZERO diapers, and I think that was the 5th snap I've actually used. I'll let you know after a few more projects.....


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