Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Valentine's Day Gift

I thought I would take this week as an opportunity to brag on my family.  Yep, of course, mine IS the best, but I decided to show you how much they were willing to do for this over-zealous nut in the last month of her pregnancy. :)

Unfortunately, and fortunately, I'm not one of those people who wants to have dozens of flowers and jewelry given to her on days like birthdays, Christmas or Valentine's.  (I find I'm rather disappointed after receiving such things.)  Odd I know, but that's okay.  Want to see what really gets my attention?


Okay - so this isn't every girl's dream of a romantic gift.  But, just look at what you can do with it.....

Create a storage room on the far end of the basement........

Or, frame out a space for a future bathroom and a wall to hide all the unsightly utilities and hubby's power tools.

My sweet husband did all this work (with the help of my loving father) in just 2 days!  Aren't they SUPER!!!

The next step is some electrical work.  Oh, to have heat in the basement instead of my babies playing down there in their winter coats!

Think I can push to have this remodel done before the baby arrives?  (I'm not holding my breath ;) )

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  1. You are a cool gal, Jessica. I wouldn't hold my breath either, ha!


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