Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Kids' Closet

While the guys were happily working away in the basement, my mother and I decided to tackle the master bedroom.  May not sound like much, but for some reason this area becomes the dumping ground for everything we can't find a spot for.  We literally had paths running through the room there was so much clutter!

My mother reminded me that about the time the wee little one makes his appearance, it will (hopefully) be time to switch the kids clothes for the season.  (GROAN!)  Not a favorite chore of mine.  

Solution - Do it while Mom is here to help me.  Misery loves company, right?  
Here is the look of the storage closet in my bedroom.  A before picture would have just been down right embarrassing. 

I believe we emptied out 3 large rolling under bed storage bins (see them in the top pic?) and about 10 large diaper size boxes (what? isn't that what you store things in?) containing girls' clothes sizes 7 right on down to newborn.  Unfortunately, we ran out of hangers and I really didn't have the energy for a Wal-mart trip, so a few more boxes will be emptied and hung when Mom and MIL come for baby arrival.  Now, I will be able to just go in the closet, grab out the right size and season and move it to the appropriate closet.  Theoretically.

By the end of the day, we had all the clothes sorted through by size and season.  BLAH!  One box of 12M size clothes is on its way to my beautiful little niece to use this year.  4 large boxes are destined for either a yard sale or Once Upon A Child.  That way we will have the funds to outfit our ever-growing oldest.  (Or a vacation.)  Seriously, how many sizes of pants and shoes can one kid go through in a year?!

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  1. so right about the change of seasons nightmare. and I only have to do it for two! your mom rocks. that looks very organized!


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