Monday, February 22, 2010

Baby Quilt

Larissa inquired about the quilt in the previous post, so I thought I would brag on my mother.  :)  I can remember growing up watching her sew, paint and just plain work hard around our house to make it a home.  She taught me a lot while growing up and I'm constantly having to call her up for refresher courses in my adult life.  (Sure glad she is patient!)

She has been making baby blankets as gifts for a few years now.  Everyone is unique although she always uses the same Trip Around The World pattern.  (Her flannel stash is HUGE!)  Having the connections I do, I get to pick out the color combination each time I have another little one come along.  Here is the latest completed blanket. 

She takes the time to hand quilt each blanket.  AMAZING!

It was a bit odd picking out fabrics for a little boy, but a LOT of fun, too.  See?  No pink!

When Mom ran across some John Deere flannel, she immediately switched out whatever I had originally picked for the center and put in the tractors.  Very appropriate and so thoughtful since my husband grew up on a farm.

All of the grandkids have one.  No small task - since there are currently 8 grandkids in the family (the oldest being 6) and 4 more on the way by Sept..  I just hope and pray that all of them realize later in life what a treasure they have been given by their Nonnie .


  1. Love it! Those are definitely something to treasure!

  2. That is so sweet! I love the colors you picked out. Mom-made gifts are the best for our little ones, aren't they? Btw, my kids call my mom Nonni, too!

  3. Nonni did such a great job! so did you picking the colors out, even though you've had zero practice picking things for boys! :-) thanks for the detailed post about the quilt, I really wanted to see a closeup!


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