Saturday, September 15, 2012

L is for....

School has started and we've been trying to get into the swing of things.  You know - waking up at a good time, getting dressed instead of wearing our pjs or swim clothes all day, keeping up on the laundry, signing papers that need to be returned and getting that nasty homework done on time.

I've been looking forward to having 3 (!) kids in school this year.  Hard to believe!  Do you know how easy 2 kids can be?!?  I have a list of projects that just keeps getting longer and longer.  Things like painting and rooms and presents and just miscellaneous fun 'stuff' to do.

With our third child in kindergarden this year, we've been getting to see all the 'new' things through her eyes.  She brings home her paper from school and shows us all the 'homework' she gets to do.  We get to hear about her teacher and all the new friends she gets to make.  We get to learn that L is for things like Lollipop, Letter, Light and Lemon.

On Tuesday Sept. 4th, my husband and I learned that L is also for Leukemia.
Madi - 1 week before diagnosis

Our beautiful little kindergardener had some blood work done that morning to find out the cause of the bruising and lethargy she was dealing with.  By 2 pm we had a call from our pediatrician telling us to go meet with a pediatric oncologist and be prepared to be admitted to the local hospital.

A whirlwind started as soon as we were finally admitted to the hospital.  Thankfully, we were blessed with some wonderful and understanding nurses.  One nurse in particular, Ms. Janet, became Madi's buddy and cared for her in more ways than just making sure medicine was taken on time and vitals were as they should be.

All these new, and somewhat scary, situations and experiences for our little girl to have to endure.  Being poked and prodded by complete strangers, being carted to different treatment/procedure rooms, having a port put in, having to take 'yucky' medicine and just feeling crummy overall really started to take a toll on her by Friday.  That morning she looked at me after taking her medicine and said, "I really don't want to do this anymore."

We have been home since Sunday and coming home never seemed sweeter.  Our lives are busy with one more thing added to the mix, but we have some wonderful friends, family and even strangers surrounding us with love and support.

The point of this post is not to make you feel sorry for us.  While this isn't the diagnosis we wanted, the prognosis is excellent.  We found through testing that Madi has ALL, a very common and treatable form of Leukemia.  Her age, gender and several other factors are in her favor.  She is responding well to treatment so far and is having few side effects.

The point of this post is to ask for prayers.  Many, many prayers.

We are keeping our minds on the positives and not dwelling on the negatives.  We really are okay.  While we know there are many rough days ahead, focusing only on the bad will make this whole experience even worse.  Kevin and I are taking any opportunity and making sure something is gained or learned by some or all of the kids.  Even Kevin and I are growing in many ways at this time.  Most importantly, Madi is learning at a very young age to let her light shine.

So, projects will come - eventually.  Once we get into our new 'normal', I'm hoping to still do projects and crafts to help keep me sane during this time.  (Kevin would tell you I lost 'it' a looonnggg time ago, though.)  I've got several in progress now and just need to finish up - my life's story.

Keep us in your prayers!

***We now have a blog just for Madi to keep everyone posted on her progress - Madi's Milestones ***


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