Friday, October 28, 2011

Halloween Decor

Truth be told, I'm not big on decorating for Halloween.  There is just such a short amount of display time in which some of those decorations are acceptable.  It just isn't worth the effort to me.  On the other hand - I love how some people just go all out to let everyone know how much they love the holiday.

My kids have been pestering me to get into the spirit.  {And to finish their costumes.}  After doing some thinking and coming across these ideas here and here, I came up with this cute, inexpensive and really quick idea.
 Cute, right?  Now, I know they don't look like much.  But, turn off the lights and they glow! (Ahahaha!  Couldn't resist!)
Wanna make one - or a couple dozen?

Here's what you will need:

* Large canning jar
* Tissue paper
* Ribbon  (about 23" to tie a bow)
* Construction Paper
* Tape
* Flameless candle
* Scissors

First thing to do is cut out a face from the constrution paper.  I chose to use black, but any dark color would work, I'm sure.  Need some help figuring out a cute face?  Check out some of these or these.
If you have double stick tape, that would be easier.  If you are like me and are doing good to find any tape at all, it still works.
 Roll your tape and stick it on the backs of your face shapes.
 Place the shapes on the outside of your canning jar.
 Now, find the middle of your sheet of tissue paper.  (Eyeball it.)  Gather the edges up around the mouth of the jar
 Tie the tissue paper in place with a length of ribbon.
 Turn on a candle and put it in the jar.
Turn off the lights and enjoy!
 Would you like to make a friend for your pumpkin?  Use white tissue paper and make a ghost.
 He really shows up in the dark!
Do you want to take the really easy way?  Just skip making a face and wrap the jar in some decorative tissue paper.
 This one looks cute in the dark, too!  See the pumpkins all lit up?
Go ahead and make several to light the way to your front door.

How many of you out there decorate for Halloween?  All out or just a little?  Or does the 'Autumn' decor cover your bases for Halloween?

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Wednesday, October 26, 2011

The Zoo Called Yesterday

We (meaning I) decided we needed a break from the norm yesterday.  Saint Louis has a lot of free or nearly free attractions, and the zoo was our destination.

Two things on our list were the Children's Zoo and the zebras.  The Children's zoo has a petting area full of goats.  Kid #3 and Kid #5 really enjoyed themselves.  Little Boy kept chasing the poor animals around yelling 'puppy!' and loving every minute.
 Kid #4 tried to climb up my leg as soon as we entered the pin.  Here I'm trying to just get her hand out to touch the back of a goat.  She was having none of it.  Try running after a 20 month old with a 34 lb 3 yr old on your hip.  I'm sure we were quite the sight.
 Can't really blame her when all she sees is something like this in her face.
 After we left the goats and Kid #4 realized that all the other animals were 'stuck' in their different cages, all was good.
The weather was perfect for the outing, too, bringing a lot of the animals out for easy viewing.
 We only spent a couple of hours there, but that was long enough with three little ones.  While I was getting the stroller and cooler loaded up in the vehicle, I told the kids to go run in the grassy area of the park.
 Only two had the energy to go play.  Liv decided she just wanted to get in the car and rest.
We had such a good time!  I'm so glad I was impulsive and just went instead of worrying about all the stuff that was put on hold for the day.  Now, I need to find some good indoor activities to get us through the cooler months coming up.  Any suggestions on free activities in the area for little kids?

Monday, October 24, 2011

Early Reveal - Big Girls' Room

I'm not completely finished with this project, but I HAVE to take a break.  I'm about to get burned out.  Plus, Halloween is right around the corner and I have 5 little kids to get ready.  Can't let them down!

So.  I decided to do an early reveal and let you all in on the current project sucking the life out of me.  :)

Our home is a new construction.  Another family built the house and then had complications at closing making them unable to finalize the purchase.  {We found it when we came to the Saint Louis area on a house hunting trip 3 years ago.  (Hard to believe that much time has passed!)}  While it is a beautiful home and has lots of space for our family, there are somethings we would have done differently had we been the ones to build it.

Here is a view of our upstairs floor plan.

 Lots of space, as you can see, it just isn't in the best place for us to function well.  So we decided to change it up a bit to help us right now and in the future.
We don't use the 'his closet' other than for storage.  {Here is one of it's transformations.}  Our 2 oldest girls share 'bedroom 2' which has the largest floor space and smallest closet.  A closet that is already full and not functioning well.  Just imagine what it will be like when there are two teenagers using the space!  What else is there to do but reconfigure and punch a hole in a wall?  At least that's my solution, and fortunately my husband was willing to go along with my idea.

Our floor plan now looks like this:
Unfortunately, there is no getting rid of that black rectangle in the middle of the wall - HVAC lines are way out of our jurisdiction.

Wanna see it in 'Before and After' format?  Of course you do! :)

Only picture I can find, so ignore the mess.

Where closet use to be.
Inside.  See where the door to Master was?
View into closet from girls' room.
As you can see, I have still have some finishing to do.  However, the kids are now back in their room and the closet can be used.  We do need to get a step stool for Girl #2 so she can reach her clothes, poor thing.

Last things to be finished up.
-Wall decor
-Bed reveal
-Closet shelving reconfigured

We'll get there.  Any suggestions on closet configuration?

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Monday, October 17, 2011

Professional Drywallers - Look Away

I'm in the middle of finishing up a huge project.  DH did all the major reconstruct and I get to do the finish work.  I actually enjoyed putting the mud on the wall.  Then, when it came time to sand, I realized just how much compound I shouldn't have put on the joints. I feel like kicking myself, too.  I grew up with 2 uncles that made a living doing drywall and I never once thought to take any lessons from them.  Oh, the sanding I could have saved myself!  Well, live and learn.

My deadline for this project is Friday.  Crossing my fingers that I can do it!

So, what are some projects you've done that are really out of the usual for you to attempt?

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Do You Pinterest?

Yep.  I finally gave in.  One more thing to sit and spend time doing on the computer.  Let me tell you - If not used sparingly, it will become an addiction!  Although, I now have a place to put all those projects/ideas/how-to's (which would elude me once the window was closed on my computer screen).  A great solution to my cluttered bookmarks.

So.  Do you Pinterest?

Monday, October 3, 2011

My Baby Girl Turns 3

Three years ago, we were happily awaiting the arrival of our 4th little blessing.  I ended up toting around an extra 40 pounds while trying to keep up with the other 3 kids.

Summer time had never seemed so hot in Georgia as it did that year.  There were times my feet would swell so much I couldn't even get flip flops on.  {Not that the undercover redneck in me really minded being barefoot, but it is nice to have shoes on when going to church.  ;)}

Since I was measuring 2 weeks ahead of where I was suppose to be, my wonderful doctor scheduled an induction time 10 days early.  (I LOVED that doctor!)  I can't imagine having a baby any bigger than what she already was.

Our first few months were a little trying.  (A lot of crying happened the first seven months.)  But, she was worth all the fuss.

It wasn't long before she was pushed out of being the 'baby of the family' into the role of 'big sis', but she handled it well.
She has become a very independent - something that I love seeing in all my kids.
And she is growing into such a beautiful little girl.
HAPPY BIRTHDAY, LIV!  We love you so very much!


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