Monday, October 24, 2011

Early Reveal - Big Girls' Room

I'm not completely finished with this project, but I HAVE to take a break.  I'm about to get burned out.  Plus, Halloween is right around the corner and I have 5 little kids to get ready.  Can't let them down!

So.  I decided to do an early reveal and let you all in on the current project sucking the life out of me.  :)

Our home is a new construction.  Another family built the house and then had complications at closing making them unable to finalize the purchase.  {We found it when we came to the Saint Louis area on a house hunting trip 3 years ago.  (Hard to believe that much time has passed!)}  While it is a beautiful home and has lots of space for our family, there are somethings we would have done differently had we been the ones to build it.

Here is a view of our upstairs floor plan.

 Lots of space, as you can see, it just isn't in the best place for us to function well.  So we decided to change it up a bit to help us right now and in the future.
We don't use the 'his closet' other than for storage.  {Here is one of it's transformations.}  Our 2 oldest girls share 'bedroom 2' which has the largest floor space and smallest closet.  A closet that is already full and not functioning well.  Just imagine what it will be like when there are two teenagers using the space!  What else is there to do but reconfigure and punch a hole in a wall?  At least that's my solution, and fortunately my husband was willing to go along with my idea.

Our floor plan now looks like this:
Unfortunately, there is no getting rid of that black rectangle in the middle of the wall - HVAC lines are way out of our jurisdiction.

Wanna see it in 'Before and After' format?  Of course you do! :)

Only picture I can find, so ignore the mess.

Where closet use to be.
Inside.  See where the door to Master was?
View into closet from girls' room.
As you can see, I have still have some finishing to do.  However, the kids are now back in their room and the closet can be used.  We do need to get a step stool for Girl #2 so she can reach her clothes, poor thing.

Last things to be finished up.
-Wall decor
-Bed reveal
-Closet shelving reconfigured

We'll get there.  Any suggestions on closet configuration?

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