Friday, October 28, 2011

Halloween Decor

Truth be told, I'm not big on decorating for Halloween.  There is just such a short amount of display time in which some of those decorations are acceptable.  It just isn't worth the effort to me.  On the other hand - I love how some people just go all out to let everyone know how much they love the holiday.

My kids have been pestering me to get into the spirit.  {And to finish their costumes.}  After doing some thinking and coming across these ideas here and here, I came up with this cute, inexpensive and really quick idea.
 Cute, right?  Now, I know they don't look like much.  But, turn off the lights and they glow! (Ahahaha!  Couldn't resist!)
Wanna make one - or a couple dozen?

Here's what you will need:

* Large canning jar
* Tissue paper
* Ribbon  (about 23" to tie a bow)
* Construction Paper
* Tape
* Flameless candle
* Scissors

First thing to do is cut out a face from the constrution paper.  I chose to use black, but any dark color would work, I'm sure.  Need some help figuring out a cute face?  Check out some of these or these.
If you have double stick tape, that would be easier.  If you are like me and are doing good to find any tape at all, it still works.
 Roll your tape and stick it on the backs of your face shapes.
 Place the shapes on the outside of your canning jar.
 Now, find the middle of your sheet of tissue paper.  (Eyeball it.)  Gather the edges up around the mouth of the jar
 Tie the tissue paper in place with a length of ribbon.
 Turn on a candle and put it in the jar.
Turn off the lights and enjoy!
 Would you like to make a friend for your pumpkin?  Use white tissue paper and make a ghost.
 He really shows up in the dark!
Do you want to take the really easy way?  Just skip making a face and wrap the jar in some decorative tissue paper.
 This one looks cute in the dark, too!  See the pumpkins all lit up?
Go ahead and make several to light the way to your front door.

How many of you out there decorate for Halloween?  All out or just a little?  Or does the 'Autumn' decor cover your bases for Halloween?

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  1. Oh, Jessica, so cute. What a great idea. We decorate, but I make it worth it by combining fall decor with Halloween. I don't carve our pumpkins. I have a fake lighted jack o lantern set that serves for Halloween. So the pumpkins hang around until November. I throw in some spooky stuff and then I take that down on Nov 1st and leave the rest up. My favorite time of year!


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