Wednesday, November 2, 2011

What Now?

Halloween is over and my life is no longer consumed with costumes and candy - well, at least the costumes are out of the picture.
Pirate, Lanie (AG), Cinderella, Dora and Special Forces
The kids had a blast and everyone was pleased with the final costume.  (A huge relief for a stressed out momma.)  The candy haul was extreme this year, too.  We have some of the most wonderful and generous neighbors!  Although, I'm trying to decide if I need to remind the kids or the husband that trash goes in the trash can.  Hmmmm........

So, now I'm on to crafting and sewing whatever I want, right?  Definitely true - to an extent.  I have Christmas on the brain and that makes it hard to think of much else.  'What about Thanksgiving?', you ask?  I really enjoy Thanksgiving, but I don't feel the need to DO anything for that holiday.  Thanksgiving is just a great time of the year in which I know I get to spend a lot of special time with family.  Christmas is family time and stress time.

Now that you all know where my mind is, you know where this blog is headed for the next couple of months.  (Really - 53 days?!)  I've got some new ideas of my own and lots of ideas rounded up from other places I'm hoping to share with you during this time.  {If you are family, don't read this for the next month or so if want to be surprised.}

I've already started.  Here's a sneak peak at one Christmas project/gift idea I'll be sharing with you all very soon.
If you haven't yet, now is a good time to like This Too! on Facebook.  I'll be on there quite a bit adding little snippets and comments (or questions!) as the time goes by.  Feel free to post any of your own links, pictures, questions and comments, too.  Just please keep it craft related and G rated.  Maybe we can help each other make it to the end of the season with our crafts all wrapped and ready to give!


  1. Hi, Jessica! Some how your blog got misplaced among my bookmarks and I have missed alot! I love the idea to reconfigure the closets upstairs. Very smart! Like you, I am glad Halloween madness is over and am starting to think Christmas. Good luck in the upcoming weeks!

  2. Halloween awesomeness! especially the rad Dora wig! I love the diversity of the kids' ideas for costumes. You did a wonderful job helping them all come true. I still don't know who Lanie is though. ha. We had a great candy haul too, very bad for my calorie intake. On to Christmas in a big way! can't way.

  3. Olivia - glad to have you back! ;)
    Larissa - Can't wait to see what you share as Christmas gets closer!


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