Monday, November 7, 2011

Craft Fair

Those of you who follow me on Facebook know I visited a craft fair this weekend.  It was hosted by our local high school which is only a few minutes from our home.  A perfect excuse for me to get out of the house, do something fun and maybe get a few ideas for Christmas.
 There were several booths (around 200 probably) with all kinds of goodies ranging from original art, jewelry, kids' boutique items, Thanksgiving decor and of course Christmas decor.
 I was able too look through everything in no time at all.  But, I must admit, I did go around for a second look just to extend my time out.

One purchase was made.
Yep, I really splurged!  {Heavy sarcasm intended}  I'm a sucker for snowmen, though.

We have some rainy weather today.  Several loads of laundry have already been done, so the rest of my day is devoted to Christmas gift production.  I'm excited and a bit scattered in my thinking, right now.  Sounds like a perfectly good excuse for something sweet and a hot beverage to take some time and get my ideas on paper before I start sewing.

Enjoy the rest of your day!

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  1. Yay! craft fairs. love 'em. cute purchase! can't think about christmas making just yet. need to get back in my usual groove first.


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