Monday, October 17, 2011

Professional Drywallers - Look Away

I'm in the middle of finishing up a huge project.  DH did all the major reconstruct and I get to do the finish work.  I actually enjoyed putting the mud on the wall.  Then, when it came time to sand, I realized just how much compound I shouldn't have put on the joints. I feel like kicking myself, too.  I grew up with 2 uncles that made a living doing drywall and I never once thought to take any lessons from them.  Oh, the sanding I could have saved myself!  Well, live and learn.

My deadline for this project is Friday.  Crossing my fingers that I can do it!

So, what are some projects you've done that are really out of the usual for you to attempt?


  1. You are one brave soul! We have tried that and failed miserably. Can't wait to see it finished:o)

  2. I planted some mums in my yard the other day. LOL. Does that count? I'm not much of a gardener. Can't wait to see what this mystery project is! is there nothing you can't do?

  3. Crystal - I'm hoping I can sand out any mistakes. Or at least hide them well.
    Larissa - It does count! And- There are all kinds of things I can't do, but very few things I will not attempt. (good or bad)

  4. i finished painting the girls bedroom! i painted the ceiling too & my neck has got a bone to pick with me now!

  5. Nice, Erica! Mine was a little upset with me the other day too. :) I bet the room looks so nice now!


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