Monday, October 3, 2011

My Baby Girl Turns 3

Three years ago, we were happily awaiting the arrival of our 4th little blessing.  I ended up toting around an extra 40 pounds while trying to keep up with the other 3 kids.

Summer time had never seemed so hot in Georgia as it did that year.  There were times my feet would swell so much I couldn't even get flip flops on.  {Not that the undercover redneck in me really minded being barefoot, but it is nice to have shoes on when going to church.  ;)}

Since I was measuring 2 weeks ahead of where I was suppose to be, my wonderful doctor scheduled an induction time 10 days early.  (I LOVED that doctor!)  I can't imagine having a baby any bigger than what she already was.

Our first few months were a little trying.  (A lot of crying happened the first seven months.)  But, she was worth all the fuss.

It wasn't long before she was pushed out of being the 'baby of the family' into the role of 'big sis', but she handled it well.
She has become a very independent - something that I love seeing in all my kids.
And she is growing into such a beautiful little girl.
HAPPY BIRTHDAY, LIV!  We love you so very much!


  1. Where has the time gone!! I can't believe she is already 3! Happy Birthday Big Girl!!

  2. oh, goodness, already? sheesh. How time flies, and I agree, a beautiful kid. Give her a birthday hug from us!


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