Friday, January 29, 2010

Burp Cloth

Well, I've actually made something recently.  Surprise, surprise!  I noticed while going through baby things and preparing for the arrival of baby #5 that all of our little accessories are in pink.  Understandable since there are 4 little girls running around this house.  I don't think my husband would be too cool with us using these on his little boy out in public, though.

When perusing my friends new blog Fussy Monkey Business, I came upon this solution.  Looked easy enough and I had some minky fabric on hand just waiting to be used.

I LOVE the results!  The minky is a mint green color and SO soft.  The dark brown is just half of a hand towel I picked up somewhere.  I think it took longer to sew the decorative  stitches on the towel than it took to actually sew the thing together.  Such an easy project and a great gift idea.  I know of several ladies having babies in the next 7 months.  Guess what all of them are going to be getting......


  1. You did a great job. Thanks for the link back to my blog:o) Look out for week after next. I am doing all about baby week since I have a baby shower to attend.

  2. some manly burp cloths for Kev's little manly man. with four older sisters that kid will be playing with dolls and watching Barbie movies, so Kevin will have to brace himself.


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