Friday, January 15, 2010


Who would have thought that finding 'quality' flannel fabric would be so difficult?  Especially this time of year?!  Now, I haven't been able to get to all the local stores in the St. Louis area, but I really don't have the time to do all that driving or calling around.  Plus, when I get there, there is no guarantee that they will have a good print that will work.

Here is the deal....... Remember that warm, cozy, flannel blanket I made for the newly weds?  My mother also made one for me when I was in college.  I love it and so does my husband.  That's the problem. :)  Anytime we sit down to watch a movie or show and want a blanket, we seem to have a race to see who can get the blanket first.  Yes, we do like to share and cuddle, but sometimes it is nice to lay down on the couch with it by one's self, too.

Since making the previously mentioned blanket, Hubs has been pestering me to make one for him.  GREAT!  I mean, how often does a husband ask his busy wife to sew?  (Usually he is asking when I'm going to be done or why I started yet another project with so many other things on my figurative plate!)  The mission to find fabric and get a blanket out of production before Christmas was my challenge.  It would have been such a wonderful surprise for him, too!  The hold up was lack of fabric choices.  No one carries flannels! Such a disappointment!

I now have a solution after a month or more of looking.  HOORAY!!!!

Craft Town Fabrics to the rescue!!  A cute little fabric store located in Salem, IN and only about 45 minutes away from my parent's home.  Great excuse to go 'home' for a visit and even better excuse to leave the kids with the guys and have some girl time with my mom!

Check out this beautiful new flannel collection called Creekside Trail they are carrying by MODA.  The prints are perfect for a masculine blanket and are such amazing quality and feel!  I've already put in my order with my mother of which prints and what yardage I need.  I'll be seeing her on the 23rd when we meet up at the Woodworking Show in Indy for some male bonding time for the guys and project ideas for us ladies.  Equal opportunity, right?

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  1. Jess, congrats on finding a great source. I love but it is nicer still to be able to see and hold a fabric in your hands to really judge the quality.


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