Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Window Blahs.....

Isn't this just sad?  I mean S.A.D - SAD!

This window has needed to have some sort of treatment put on it since we moved in, but I have yet to figure it out.  There are beautiful views - well not in the middle of winter, but the rest of the year - so I don't want anything that will cover them up completely.  Plus, that funky little angle of the bay really throws me off.
My lovely fabric, below, has just been sitting in my sewing room waiting to have the perfect something made out of it.

SOOOOO ......... any ideas out there?


  1. Have you tried checking HGTV and see what Candace Olsen has been up to? Her window treatments are always awesome and I know that she has done a lot of bay windows. Good luck!

  2. i have been scouring the internet and even the builder model homes in our area. I think I have something in mind. we'll see how it turns out....... it sometimes looks better in my head than in reality.

  3. don't cover up that gorgeous view! I'm digging it with the bare trees too.
    short valances? with maybe a long sheer in between each window?

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