Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Kids' Headboards

Remember that Room Revamp I was attempting last March and June? I didn't get too far on it before I changed my mind and made it into the guest room. SO TYPICAL! I seem to have trouble sticking with an idea or having way too many of them.

Anyway. While out searching for the perfect full size headboard, I came across a set of these beautiful (heavy sarcasm) twin headboards at a local thrift store.

They weren't horrible, but they did need some work. The best part about it was the price - $5 each! How could I pass that up?!

So, off to work...... I even schnoockered, er, enlisted my husband into helping with the process.

The end product come out better than even I hoped! I decided to have Hubby take the front sliding thingy off to avoid little fingers getting pinched. (Like the sledding polar bear sheets?)

So, for $10, a bit of elbow grease and a small can of paint the girls have some pretty cute matching headboards in their room. Even a little extra storage space for their special trinkets.

I'm hoping to get more decorating done in the next few weeks. Let's see if my pregnant body will keep up with my over ambitious mind.

Bedspreads are found here.


  1. Love 'em - good job and way to be frugal :-)

  2. wow...i love them so much better without the drawers! great job, Jess! loving the pink and the bedspreads too. it's really coming together.


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