Friday, February 27, 2009

Perfect Bedding

I can't recall just how long the search for washable, bleachable, solid white comforters (at a reasonable price) lasted for my older children's bedroom. It seemed the perfect bedding was as elusive as the perfect pair of jeans. The search finally ended when Bed, Bath and Beyond had a clearance sale. The elation was short lived as the realization set in that the two full size comforters were just too big for the twin size beds.
While contemplating what direction I now needed to go in, I came across a set of sheets that Wal-Mart had on sale. The colors were a great combination of the kiddo's favorite colors, pink and purple, in a stripe pattern. Plus, the solid sheet set was also on sale. SCORE!!

So, what does any delusional sewer do? Why, get out the scissors and start cutting, of course!

Here is the way the comforter started. Very simple and sweet.

The panels are made from one of the sheet sets. Behind the stripe fabric is a white fabric to give it more body when on the bed. I even got up the nerve to try my hand at making my own bias tape from the solid sheets. Sew some rope in the bias and you get piping for a little something extra.

Here is the assembly stage. As you can see from the picture, I put the piping on first and then attached each of the panels. This just made it easier for me. I'm sure someone more skilled would be able to do it all in one step.

Here the kids are enjoying the new bedding. It's so nice that they can't see all the flaws that are so glaringly obvious. Or if they do, they don't say anything.

This picture was taken in our previous home. Funny thing is, if I were to take a picture of the new diggs, the only difference would be the color of the walls. Paint will be applied as soon as windows can be opened without freezing our little booties off.
Plenty of fabric is left from the sheet sets - some solid, some stripe. Pillows and curtains will shortly be added, hopefully.


  1. did you have to show pictures that reminded me that you moved away? just twist the knife, don't mind me over here.

    :-) This is such a genius project. I'm awaiting the finished paint and pillows. Go!

  2. What a great project! I love it when everythng comes together like this. For cheap. That's the best. :)

  3. You know, the piping looks better if you sew it on to one fabric first then add the other, and it is even better (for some odd reason) if you sew it with the piping on the bottom (as in, that is what is against the feed dog while you are sewing). Little did you know, you were already doing it like the professionals! Those bargains really made the perfect bedding. Love it!

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