Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Sweet Booties!!

Hubby and I had a very nice and unexpected Valentine's weekend. My wonderful in-laws decided to make a last minute trip for a visit. They even suggested we take some time for ourselves and actually have a Valentine's day date. Let's face it, they really came to see the grandkids and not us, anyway!

I was, once again, spoiled by my sweetie - eating at P. F. Changs (yumm!) and going to several different stores at the local malls. The highlight was when at Barnes & Noble bookstore, I was told to bring the craft book I'd been drooling over to the register. I felt a bit guilty, since I knew I could probably get it off of cheaper, but who am I to argue?

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There are so many yummy little project to keep me busy and surrounded by happy colors until summer is in full swing. Booties? Of course. Hats? Yep. Bloomers? I'll take two, please!

The cherry on the top was going out again yesterday to Joann's and getting to pick out some material to actually do the projects instead of just looking at the book. The ones on the left are fat quarters (for $1) and those on the right are knits. Aren't they pretty?!

Now, there has been no sewing at this point, but the material is washed and that's a step in the right direction. Next will be cleaning up my sewing area so a full scale project can be done without chaos creaping in around me.


  1. Sounds like a great weekend. That book looks like so much fun. Can't wait to see what you make!

    I hear you about the chaos! I took a crafting break after all of the Christmas-crafting craziness. But now I have a bunch of projects lined up, but nowhere to do them. Some major decluttering is in order.

    Have fun with your new projects!

  2. What a cool book? Anything in there with little footballs? We are starting to get over the it's-not-a-girl blues.

  3. Olivia - hope you find somewhere to craft soon. I wasn't able to get to cleaning the craft area yesterday, go figure.
    Beth - there are bibs and diaper covers and toys in the book, too. lots of fun for both genders!

  4. oh, man, the cuteness in the book! gotta love Kevin for knowing your soft spot for crafting. and his parents for providing the opp for Romance. Can't wait to see what you come up with from the book. I can just see olivia's little roly poly legs in some bloomers.


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