Thursday, February 12, 2009


This is something I have been wanting to try for quite a while now. The clicking of the needles can be somewhat hypnotic when in the presence of someone who is proficient at the craft. I finally worked up the nerve to try it out for myself over the weekend. My mother liked to knit years ago and my sister-in-law started about 2 years ago. So, I figured between the two of them, I ought to be able to learn the mystery that's behind those needles and yarn.

Unfortunately, and maybe fortunately, my archaic digital camera is on the fritz right now. I'll have to post pictures of my sad little practice squares another time. For now, look at Knitting Help for some extremely good help and cute patterns. Free video tutorials are available for all the visual learners out there. They are even kind enough to slow things down so the needles aren't just a blur on the screen.


  1. are entering the great unknown to me. i'd love to learn. I tried crochet and it was like hitting my head on a pole. Maybe I'll try again. One day. If you inspire me enough.

  2. I did crocheting years ago. I always thought it was neat that my dad taught me how, even though my mom knew how, too. Maybe I should get that out.....


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