Wednesday, February 4, 2009


Or at least it ought to be.

Once again, I am putting just one more thing on top of my life's already precarious balancing act of 'just right' verses 'too much'. I love to craft, sew and any general DIY activity I can think up. I'm hoping that by having this little space in the ever expanding cyberspace, I can force myself to be better about delving into my creative urges. Having a place to post what I have done, or what I stumble upon and want to do, will keep the juices flowing. There is no promise of routine posting at this time, but hopefully as time goes on, that will occur.

So, why not! I'll do This, Too!


  1. Yay! first comment on your first post. Welcome to crafty blogland! You're my hero. can't wait to see your fabulous crafts.

  2. Thanks for the enthusiasm! I'm sitting here typing one handed and wondering how often I'll actually be able to do this. :P


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