Wednesday, February 11, 2009


It's always interesting trying to find fun activities for 3 highly active girls in the middle of winter that we didn't do the day before. The cold or mud (once we get a warmer day) seems to keep us inside most of the time, leaving idle hands as a result. Solution? Get out the beads and make some beautiful jewelry!

Some tips for helping the little ones be able to do this on their own. 1) Double the string. This will keep the necklace nice and strong when played with for hours as a jump rope. 2) Tie one end to a bead to keep all the others from falling off. 3) Wrap tape around the other end to make it easier for the kids to get the beads loaded on. By doing this even my 2 year old was able to do most of it herself.

Results: P.S. I highly recommend doing all this in your PJ's.


  1. We do this all the time with Joanne's kids. I got the rubbery craft rope stuff ( i know it has a name) and they make patterns and thread it on easily without help. Usually we take it apart so it is all there to play with another day. Love the Pjs! Momma make those?

  2. I did make those, Beth. Both girls have gone through a growth spurt, so I need to make some more. :/

  3. Everything is better when done in your pj's!

  4. aw, Jess, this is so cute, and what pretty necklaces they all made. Mine also like to take the beads and just sort them, then they like to throw them around the room. the only thing they don't seem to enjoy doing is picking them all back up again. huh.


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