Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Pick A Color, Any Color

I feel as if I've been keeping the paint sample section of Home Depot in business lately.  Who would have thought that picking out a beige would be such an ordeal?  Wanna see?

Yep.  Great conversation piece when people come over.  I've had all the usual problems - too dark, too light, too green, too pink, too yellow.  And there are those times I stand holding the paint chip up to the paint I just put on the wall sure it wasn't the same color.  (Surely I wouldn't pick out something that awful!)  Then I have to figure in the fireplace and the curtains.  

Colors have been up on the living room walls for several months.  I think my ever patient husband is coming to the end of his rope.  Over the weekend I got to do some shopping all by myself and actually took the time to really look at the different paint chips instead of just doing a 'hit and run' on the displays.  And, I came home with 3 new colors.  You should have seen the look on Kevin's face!  BUT, we finally have a winner.  See the square above the light switch?  That's it!  Gobi Desert by Behr.

Now to find a good painter to fix the nail pops and hit the 20 ft walls in the entry and stairs.  There is NO way you'll find me on a ladder up that high.


  1. When my parents built there house, they went through the same ordeal. They went to Sherwin-Williams and the nice people there kept retinting over and over until they finally had the perfect shade. Glad you finally had success!

  2. I need to find a great light blue for my main living area, so I feel your pain. I do the same thing with the color chips and samples. Then I need to also find a painter to hit my 18 ft walls too.

  3. Thanks ladies. It is such a relief to have this decided. AND..... one of our neighbors suggested a painter to us. Now to make a phone call. :)
    Larissa - Crystal over at has a pretty color on her living room walls. Might want to check it out.

  4. haha! and here i thought i was the only one that left small painted squares all over the room. i have one in our master that has been there forever! eventually i'll get too. glad you found a painter!


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