Monday, August 23, 2010

Big Girl

We survived our usual whirlwind weekend.  So much is scrunched into our Saturday and Sunday as a family that it is always crazy.  We didn't even go anywhere this time, and we are all still worn out.

The most eventful of all our happenings has to be the purchase of a big girl bed.  Our youngest daughter will be 2 in October, but the crib she was using is now needed for the baby.  Hard to believe it's that time already, but it was inevitable.  Time for an upgrade.

She did such a good job, too.  She stayed in bed all night and we are still waiting for 'sleeping beauty' to grace us with her presence.

One more step in getting the room completely finished.  Next is to give the rocking chair a new home, then get the bed frames ready and moved in, bed skirts and finally figure out what to do about what to do for comforters.  At least the list is a little shorter after the weekend.


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