Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Tuesday's Tip of the Week

Well, now.  Are our flip flops all clean and spiffy?  Is the medicine getting inside the baby instead of just running out the corners of those cute little mouths?  Good!

Our newest tip of the week is for our showers.

I don't know how many of you out there use those body scrubbers (is that the correct terminology?) instead of using a washcloth.  They are a huge hit in our home and I'm all for something that gets the kids excited about getting clean and not just playing in the shower.  A MEGA pet peeve of mine is those puffy balls just laying on the bottom of the tub or hanging off the bath fixtures.  I didn't want hooks, or anything like that, permanently stuck to the shower wall, either.  What to do?  Hang up a Command Hook*.

I seriously thought these would fall down within a week of installation.  They have now been up for about 18 months with no signs of falling!  

Things to keep in mind.  Keep them well out of the water.  Steam hasn't seemed to make a difference, but direct hit with water might.  Let the kids know that the hooks are not there to help them scale the shower wall.  (Seriously had to do that one.)

I just picked up some more Command Hooks the other day to put in the kids' shower.  They love having their own anything, so this will help them to remember to leave the shower area nice and tidy. 

*The link above is for the 3M Command site.  Check it out for other ideas and also for coupons.  :)


  1. Love that idea. Can't believe that it has worked for that long. I will definitely be using this tip when the kids get a little bigger. They still take a bath together in our big tub.

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  3. we were so at one with this. ours have been hanging on 3M hooks in the girls' shower for several months, haven't fallen yet!


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