Friday, August 13, 2010

Baby Girl Hospital Cap

So many of my friends have been having babies this year.  (Many of them their first.)  It's such an exciting time in a persons life when that sweet little bundle is handed to you for the first time.  Then comes the 'ooo'-ing and 'ah'-ing and the kissing of the little nose and the counting of fingers and toes.  Such an amazing time!

Several of those new born little girls where donning a really cute twist to the usual hospital cap.
Definitely screams 'little girl' in a sea of nursery bassinets

A good friend is having a little girl in less than a month, so I thought it would be fun to make a girly cap for her.  Here is my version.

I decided to spare my son the future embarrassment and used a Bitty Baby as the model.  It turned out pretty good even though I had to improvise.  Tutorial on Monday.  :) 


  1. :-) very cute! I needed one of those.

  2. I know! wrong time for me to have a boy. i won't complain, though. :)


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