Monday, March 1, 2010

Victory Valance

Okay.  I didn't name the valance this, but I feel that it is SO appropriately named!  What a victory for me to have completed this project before due date, to have minimal trouble (all me and not the directions) with sewing it and to absolutely LOVE the results!

Remember the before?

Here is the after. {squeal!}

 Please excuse the mess and the poor quality of picture.  Bad timing for my husband to take the camera out of town.

I found the tutorial here when searching online for ideas and inspiration.  Yes, it is a monthly subscription, but it was cheaper than buying a pattern at a store.  Plus, I didn't have to deal with a pattern.  It is all about a long rectangle and measurements.

Close up of material and homemade hardware.

Let me just say, I now know why custom drapes can cost so much!  I literally had thirty feet of material stretched out on my floor trying to make measurements and cuts while my little princesses thought it was their own personal red carpet to walk down.  Obviously, I used the floral (?) for the front and then I used the red solid for the lining.  Couldn't be happier with the results!


  1. Great job! And I'm impressed you finished before due date, I know it is NOT east to due something of that magnitude with a watermelon weighing down your front half. :)

  2. what an awesome job! i knew you could do it! so what's next..hahaha!

  3. man! what a feat in your condition. you did a great job! I HATE working with huge lengths of fabric. It makes me crazy.


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