Thursday, January 13, 2011

Under Construction

This title could apply to so many areas in my life......

In this case, it's applying to this simple little blog.  I have an obsession, it seems, with wanting to do little tweaks here and there to make it my own.  A couple of big hindrances for me not doing more at once are time and know how.  To combat these 'issues' I'll be doing little changes here and there (as I can).  I'll let you know in a post what I've been able to do and share any links that tell/show how to do what was done.

The first real change I've made is adding static pages to the blog.  This is really simple.  A good link?  Here on Blogger Tricks.

The next addition is the navigation tabs under the header.  I found how to do this by going to Blogger Sentral and using this tutorial.  Very simple and well explained.

Well.  There you have it.  I reserve the right to change my blog at any given moment.  (Which was already mine.)  Now, hopefully, I won't completely loose all my information in the process.


  1. thanks for sharing those. I have wanted to do the little tabs under the header for ages, but didn't know how! Hope you are having a good day!

  2. Glad it will help! Things are peachy since it is now quiet time. ;)

  3. Have you seen blogger's internal new template designer? Lots of great options there. Or maybe this is the new template already? The new designer makes it really easy to customize the template apply it without losing a bunch of stuff.

  4. I had seen that, Larissa. I need to look at it more closely, but there was some reason (I don't remember now) that I didn't use it. HA! sounds like me!


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