Thursday, January 20, 2011

Playing and a Little Help Needed

I'm sitting here playing around with my design and layout of the blog.  Nothing big.  Just having some fun with the Blogger design tools.  Makes a dramatic change quick and easy.  I should be up in bed recuperating from a very full snow day and getting rested up for another.  It's amazing how different a day can be when school is canceled.
I have a few things that I would like to share with everyone, but I've hit a snag.  I need to find out how to put a PDF on the blog available for download.  If you can help me out with this, it would be greatly appreciated.  Just leave a comment here or on Facebook.  Or, if you would rather, send me an email.  Thanks in advance!
Now -  off to bed!


  1. I used for my download. it was really easy to use. and it's FREE:o) Blog is looking good!!!

  2. Looks nice! Those design templates are addictive huh? I use my own domain, to host my downloads. I don't think you can do it with blogger alone.

  3. Thanks for the info, guys! looking it to it as time permits.
    I have enjoyed playing around with it all, Larissa. Just need to make a banner for myself. :)


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