Wednesday, January 26, 2011

One Year......

I'm tentatively linking up to this.  I say tentative because there are days (most of them) that I can barely keep my head nose above water.  Here I go adding one more thing to my daily life.  :) The main reason for this personal journey is to help me get my head above water and maybe even be able to get ahead of what has to be done.

I've really enjoyed reading Brenda's posts:  much of it can be seen in my life.  It's nice to see other people are surviving the same situations.  'Misery love company', right?!

So.  Here we go.......

Week One:  This week’s assignment is to think hard about why you want to be organized.

My reason:  To have a more peaceful and loving home that we and the kids will remember fondly in the years to come.  Also, to be able to open our home to others on a more regular basis.


  1. Can I just say.... Love your blog!

    I hope that with or without OYOL, this year will brin gmore peace to your home as you strive to keep your mind stayed on Him. :)

  2. those are the two reasons I'd list as well.


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