Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Grade School Memories

Well, the end of the school year has finally come and now we are left to figure out a way to store all of the memories from the finished grade.  I'm always concerned that later on (several years from now) there will be regrets that certain things/projects have been unceremoniously tossed into the trash.  

What do you do with things like these, though?

Unfortunately, there just is no way I can keep everything that everyone makes each year at school.  Think about it.  13 years of school for 5 kids and unknown amounts of art to come home.  We would have to devote a whole room to such madness - not gonna happen.

The solution, at this point, is going to depend heavily on my camera and our computer.  I now plan to record all these things in picture form on our computer.  That should make the kids happy to be able to 'keep' the items.  It should also make Momma happy to get rid of the clutter around here.  Maybe we will be able to see the counter tops again soon. :)

What ideas have you all come up with to solve this kind of 'problem'?


  1. That has been my solution too. Whenever the kids and I make a special art project at home I hang it on the wall for a few days, then take a picture and throw it away. So far, so good!

  2. Take pictures and then have the girls help arrange them in their own digital scrapbook.

  3. Jessica,

    Maybe you could try this:

    Check out the post from 2/25. They show a framed print of several pieces. Makes for a nice modern piece of art. You could frame a seperate one for each of your kids and hang it in their rooms. You could just add to it as the years go by or make new ones every once in a while.


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