Thursday, June 17, 2010


Walgreens purchase.

Couponing is something I love to do.  Well.  Not the actual clipping, hunting the internet and making out a list.  BUT, walking out of a store with bags full of items bought for half or less of their 'suggested retail price' is a great feeling!  Ever had that feeling?  I mean, seriously, who doesn't like free stuff?

ANYONE can save huge amounts on groceries, toiletries and drugstore items.  It really isn't hard, but it can be somewhat time consuming.  And overwhelming.  I thought I would try to help others with a few post dedicated to this pass time with some ideas and good sources.  Feel free to leave me comments with the same.   I am by no means an expert. :)

First, I thought I would give you all some sources.  Easiest way to find these is to just do a search on the internet.  Yeah, no-brainer, I know.  Some that I have found and liked over time?

1. Coupon Mom (free)
       This site is a great, no frills location for information.  (Hey.  It is free.)  Coupon Mom will help you locate the deals and corresponding coupons.  Provides a blog and forum for members, too.

2. The Grocery Game ($)
       A great site as well, The Grocery Game does all that Coupon Mom does and just a bit more.  There is a fee per store list for this site, but it may be worth it to an individual.

3. Savings Angel ($)
       This is like The Grocery Game in many ways.  There are a few features that set it apart from most.  There is a fee for this site, as well, but it is a flat rate and not a per store fee.

These are the three sites with which I am the most familiar.  I know there are others out there, so start searching and looking around to see what might work best for you.   Tomorrow I'll share some coupon organizing ideas with you.

Have something to help me (and others) do an even better job of saving money?  Don't be shy!  Leave a comment either here or you can hop on over to Facebook and comment there.  I love comments! :)

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  1. I use It lists all kinds of things like groceries, drug store specials, clothing specials, recipes, and a lot more. They send emails out daily as well. I have really saved a lot since I started checking this site. You can also follow them on FB.


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