Monday, June 14, 2010


Amazingly, it is now 8:07 in the morning and only 2 of my kids have gotten out of bed.  Such a rare thing around here!  I didn't think the kids could sleep in like this!  I'm enjoying the quiet of everyone recovering from our long (but good) week of Vacation Bible School and my husband being on yet another business trip.

We spent the weekend catching up on all the things that had been left undone and just plain neglected while I was trying to man the fort by myself.  (SOOOOO glad there aren't any more trips for Kevin in the near future!)

In other news, my day lilies are in bloom!  Here are some pics of the ones that have opened up.  I have a few more that are just about to show their colors.  I'll get those as soon as I can.

Aren't they beautiful!  I brought all these from my parents' place, so it's a nice reminder of watching my mom working in her flower beds when I was growing up.  I was really excited I didn't kill them off after transplanting them.  (Seriously, people.  I have killed ferns!)

Here is a bud from our knock-out rose bush, too.

Hope today is a good start to everyone's week!


  1. Beautiful flowers! We have knock-out roses too. I love that they bloom so long. Glad to hear your hubby is home. We are at the beginning of week two of Curt's (at least) three week business trip to San Diego. It's not much fun hubby/daddy is away!

  2. what beautiful daylilies! one day, I will be a gardener. One day! I'm so sorry we will miss VBS this year in Hville. We are going to go to one in Covington. There is one also at Eastside but the girls have non-refundable swim lessons the same week. sigh.

  3. Thanks, guys! I'm loving the color every time we com home.
    Olivia- I feel for you! Hang in there and we will be praying for a safe return for Curt.
    Larissa - The girls LOVED VBS this year. I know you like the H'ville one, but hopefully the Covington on will be just as good!


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