Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Tuesday's Tip of the Week

Painting the living room has been my goal this week.  I would love to tell you I'm finished, but I can't.  *sigh*  Just a few too many things to do during the day to be able to focus on painting.  I am working hard to get it presentable to take pictures and post tomorrow.

As a result of trying to do too much, I have a great tip of the week.  Usually,  I am OCD about making sure my painting supplies and tools are cleaned right away.  This last time I made sure the brush was cleaned, but did no more than just set the empty paint tray to the side to fix supper.  Guess what -  I completely forgot about it.  Imagine that!!  {Okay.  Not such a big surprise.}  Such a happy mistake, though!

The absolute easiest clean up I believe I've ever had.  I'm really tempted to do this every time.  Every last bit of paint came out of the tray and I was able to just start anew.

So, if you ever don't have time or just totally forget about cleaning out the paint tray, no worries about the resulting dried latex paint.  There was something almost satisfying/therapeutic about getting to pull all that out, too.


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