Wednesday, September 29, 2010

I'm Back.......

Hopefully.  :P

This past month has been crazy.  The yard sale went okay, but I really only had baby stuff to sell.  Definitely a hit or miss for anyone.  I've had appointments left and right for myself and 4 of the five kids.  (Nothing serious or life threatening, but still necessary.)  A few more coming up, too.  Plus, I need to start scheduling dentist and eye exams.  Oi!!!

Enough of that.

I'm back at my old games.  Yep.  I've got a sewing project in the works that I'm hoping to get 'perfected' and then get into pattern form for y'all.  I'm also scurrying around the house trying to figure out exactly what I want to do before I go and spend the money on things.  (Absolutely crazy, I know, but this will help keep the marriage together.)

First thing that has to be done around this joint is paint.  And since the transmission guy is getting the money I would have used for a painter, I'm just going to have to stop in creative places to avoid the 20 ft walls in the stairs and entry.

I hear a baby moving around in bed, so I'll have to end this post.  Love to send a shout out to my wonderful neighbor, Karen.  My proverbial life was saved when she lent me a bit of paint to cover up the boo-boo on the ceiling.

Right above the TV, too, so there was no way that would have been missed.

So, unless my darling hubby checks out the blog, he will be none the wiser.  (fingers crossed)

Thanks again, Karen!  AND I'm so glad you picked up the addiction habit joy of sewing from this blog.  Makes the all the time worth it!

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  1. snicker...none the Wiser. ha. Very excited to see your pattern! Same one you've been working on for a while? sorry about the money sucking transmission. and the back to back appts. I know they must seem like they never end.


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