Thursday, September 9, 2010

Happy Fall

I put my wreath up on the front door so it is now official - just because I said so.  :)

I have been busy.  Really.  It's just that none of the work seems blog-worthy.  I mean, do you really want a picture of me taking the vacuum apart to fix it?  Didn't think so.

So, posts may be very sparatic through this month.  I'll post as I can around activities, birthdays, appointments and general happenings.  As always, I do have projects and ideas running through my scattered little head.  Hoping I'll soon have some finished items to share with you.

On a totally unrelated subject - Happy 34th Birthday to my wonderful, patient and understanding husband. I'm so glad you are willing to put up with my craziness.  Love you LOTS and hope to celebrate many more years with you!  (Does this soften you up enough to get a couple more projects started?! :)


  1. Love the wreath!! Tell Kev happy birthday from us!!

  2. That wreath is beautiful. I think I need to go to the craft store and attempt my own. I've never done this but love other's results. It's time I gave it a try

  3. HMM...I don't know, if you figured out a way to get tons of hair out of the vacuum without surgical instruments I might have wanted to see that!

  4. heyyyy ooh I love that wreath. Mine's up too but it is very bedraggled from two summers in the attic.

  5. oh i love your wreath!!! :) i know exactly how you feel about projects being blog worthy. i find that i work on loads of things, but somehow they just don't seem fitting enough for the blog or if they do i don't stop long enough to post about it. thanks so much for stopping by and visiting.


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