Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Living Room Layer 1 Reveal

Here it is!!

Yep.  I'm uber excited about this one!

Quick reminder what we started with.....

Flat, contractor beige.  Unexciting and uninspiring.

Now.  Here is the new and improved living space.  {squeal!}

I am loving the colour!!  (Had to upgrade it with a 'u', I'm so pleased!)  I'd be willing to paint the whole house in this color.  Is it a huge difference? No.  But, it is a warmer, cozier color in the space.

Want another view?  I thought so.

Oh, our poor saggy, baggy couches.  :(

I have one last little corner to paint, but I need help moving the cabinet that resides there.  Once that is done, I'll start working on Layer 1-B.  For a hint on what that might be, look at the before picture.  Hmmm.  (finger tapping chin and snotty smirk in place.)

Some wonderful friends have kids #3 and #4 with them at the zoo today.  I'm fighting the urge to just sit back and rest.  I really ought to finish the laundry.  OH!  I know.  Time to sew!

**Paint color is Gobi Desert by Behr


  1. Great choice on the color. You will enjoy that for years. Warms it up just right. I see that intriguing blue tape on the wall. Looks like some built ins?

  2. hopefully. I'm having trouble just going for it. After all the research I've done, it almost seems too easy. :)


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