Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Hawaiian Theme Birthday Party: Decorations Part 2

After having the 'grass hut' look accomplished, we needed to add a little color.  Along with colorful plates, napkins and table clothes, I made these to hang around the room.

So EASY!  I just happened to find the idea one day on Disney's Family Fun site.  All you need are some paper plates and a stapler.  (I used dessert size plates for these.)

I also had a pineapple out.  Very original, right?  But, it did add to the atmosphere and it was very yummy to eat afterward.  

I had really wanted to make a couple of palm trees for the party, too.  Since rain was in the forecast, I didn't want to spend all the time and effort on them and then have them ruined.  Here's a cool tutorial for palm trees.  Of course, there was no rain that day, so my concerns were pointless.  Maybe I'll get a chance to make them one of these days for something else.

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  1. hawwain theme birthday party is shown in the post here. Have a look at it


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