Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Hawaiian Theme Birthday Party: Decorations Part 1

The decorations for the party were very easy and inexpensive AND I got to be a little crafty.  This all adds up to fun for me.

First off, the we needed to get a little 'grass hut roof' look going.

We've been hanging on to paper bags from the grocery store for who knows how long.  I was about to throw them all out and declutter a little when I got an idea.

What you need:

Paper bags (grocery size)
rotary cutter
rotary mat
rotary ruler

First, use your scissors to cut the bottom off the paper bag.

After you have that done, lay the bag out flat on your rotary mat.  (You know- get those little sides that are folded in, folded out.)

Fold the bag in half with the top meeting the bottom.
Now, line the bag up with some lines on your mat and start cutting.  I decided to cut every 1/2 inch.  You could definitely go smaller than this, but it's completely up to you.

Here are some tips:  It's also easier if you start on the left side and move right while cutting (if you are right handed).  A good guide for the cutting to stop is the crease line just a couple of inches from the folded edge of the bag.  (See it in the picture above?)  Also, make sure you push down hard enough to cut all 4 layers of the bag with your rotary cutter.  If not, you'll have to go back with scissors.
After you have all your cuts, lay your bag out flat.
Cut along the fold you have right down the middle.  I also cut one end open to cover twice as much area.

Now all you have to do is hang them up around your party area.

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