Monday, May 16, 2011

Hawaiian Theme Birthday Party: Party Favors

What's a birthday party without some party favors?  Of course, we had to have to obligatory lei for all the party goers; but, we also wanted to have a couple other fun things for the girls.
 Flower hair clips.

These are easy enough to make.  Just do a search for 'flower hair clips' and all kinds of tutorials will pop up for you.  (I was all out of E6000, but wish I had used that instead of the hot glue gun.)  I found my flowers at Wal-mart.

Flower Tote.

I found these in the Dollar Section at Target.  They have an outside pocket plus a zippered top.  I don't believe I could have made them for the price we paid, so it was a good find!

'Grass' skirts.  These are done pretty much like the 'grass hut' decorations I did.

What you will need:

Paper grocery bag
Rotary Cutter
Rotary Mat
Rotary Ruler
Packaging Tape

Start by cutting the bottom off your paper bag.

Next, lay your bag out flat.
Now.... Do you see that crease in your paper bag toward the original bottom?  This is your stopping line when cutting.
Line up your ruler and start cutting.  I cut these every 1/2 inch as well.  

Remember to apply enough pressure to cut through both layers of paper.  Check as you are going to avoid having to use the scissors.
After all your cuts have been made, cut the bag open so it is now one layer.

Your next step is to make the waist.  To do this, lay the skirt out flat and then fold the top down to your line or just a little bit above it.

Cut a length of string to put in the casing you just made.  Leave some length on it so you have enough to tie.  Pick a place in the middle to tape the string down so it can't be pulled through.  ({ahem} Experience.)

Now, just tape the folded edge down.  It would be even better to have the skirts be a double layer to make them more full.  Also, scrunch the skirts to get them to look a bit more natural (ha!).  The kids loved wearing these and had a blast running around outside and playing in them.


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