Tuesday, December 3, 2013

time's a tickin'

Are you starting to panic?  Only 22 days left!
 I would love to be showing you some felt works, but I needed to focus on a little girl who turned 9 yesterday.  (Ack - 9!)
 I learned that when I ask her next year what she wants for her birthday cake to be ready.  Never thought she would bring me a diagram to answer a seemingly simple question.  At least I didn't have to guess.

Now I think I can focus on the few things left on my lists, some baking and then getting ready for holiday travels.

Have you started all your holiday preparations?  Finished?  Wanna come help me finish mine? I'll feel much better once I at least have all the gifts in hand and ready to wrap.  Next up - patterns for cute little felt ornaments!


  1. Pretty tree! LOL about the cake diagram! And happy birthday, sweet girl! You look so pretty and grown up. :-) Jessica, no, are you crazy, I'm not even close to finished. I have a mountain of handmade I'd like to make, but it will be a miracle if I get to all of it. I always overshoot! Love to you guys!

    1. I know what you mean about not getting the handmade items done. I only have one project that I want to do, and I seem to dragging my feet even getting started! I'm sure I'll get it going soon. If not, the kids will never know.


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