Thursday, November 21, 2013


We have yet to have any of the white stuff grace our local landscape, but I know before long everything around here will be covered.  It's beautiful, but cold.

{Little secret - I LOVE Christmas, but HATE the cold.  I just have so much trouble keeping warm during this time of year.  Unfortunately, there is a limit to the amount of coffee and hot cocoa a girl can drink.  And I refuse to wear one of these around for 4 to 5 months.  Although, I may not hold out much longer.}

We are staying home this year for Thanksgiving and I'm hoping we'll be able to decorate the house for Christmas as a family during the long weekend.  Now.  I know my kids well.   Within hours of their first day off from school, they will be complaining about being BORED.  I've got to have something in mind to help occupy them without all of them finding solace in an electronic of some sort or pestering each other to the point of tears.  Arts and Crafts are great for them; but, without any direction, my home can quickly look like a paper shredder went on a rampage.  Paper snowflakes could be just the thing!  Allows us all to be creative and we can use the creations as decoration around the house instead of just having an extra bag of trash to the landfill.

Most of us know the basic instructions.  If not, I found this below.
While this is great, my older kids need a little more of a challenge.  We'll be taking things to the next level by going 3D.

Twirly Paper Snowflake

Simply Modern Mom
Finnish Paper Star
Craft Ideas
Need a little more of a challenge?  Look at these!

3D Snowflake
Cosmo Cricket
Finally - for the nerd in all of us.  (Love this!)

If Its Hip Its Here
I have several others pinned on my Snowflake Board.  Feel free to check them out.  Do you have any favorites?  I'd love to have some other ideas!


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