Friday, December 6, 2013

gone crunchy

Sort of....

We've been making some changes in our lives - mainly in our eating habits and exercise.  Now, don't misunderstand me.  I have yet to banish chocolate, sweets and carbs from our pantry.  I would have an all out mutiny on my hands if I did that.  There are so many alternatives out there these days, though,  we decided, 'Why not choose better food and living for our family?'.  And, take baby steps to get it done.  Main meals aren't really hard for me to prepare.  {I'll share more on that as time goes on.}  It's the snacks and cravings that really trip me up.  Who doesn't like a few (dozen) Oreo cookies and a tall glass of milk?!  Unfortunately, a paleo diet doesn't include this favorite snack of mine.

Since I can't (shouldn't) indulge in all those processed, preservative filled foods, I've been searching for replacements.  One blog I stumbled across, Our Paleo Life , has given me several recipes to try for replacing our current snack items with something much healthier.  Our favorite, so far, are these chocolate brownie bites.  Very easy to make and Yum!.  If all 'health food' tasted this good, I wouldn't crave the other junk.  These will also be perfect to have on hand as an alternative to all the Christmas cookies coming out of ovens very soon.
Of course, I have at least one child who makes healthy living/eating more difficult than all the rest.  If I manage to come up with a healthy food she actually likes and requests, I believe I'll hear angels singing in the background as light fills our kitchen.  Until that time, I'll just keep experimenting and searching.


  1. What does crunchy mean anyway? Like granola? I hear this term a lot and have no idea why it is used for nature mamas. Haha. I'm going to have to try the brownie bites. We are not on a diet, but we do try to eliminate processed foods. Those look really good!

    1. Crunchy probably refers to more to the tree huggin', Birkenstock wearin' momma. However, eliminating all the processed is really pushing me. These little bites let me eat something healthy without missing out on flavor and sweetness. Win-Win!


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