Friday, July 29, 2011

Kitchen Confession

I'm in the mood to repaint my kitchen.  I love the color, but right now it just looks like a dark hole. *sigh*

Dark walls, dark cabinets and dark furniture.  I need something lighter.  

I think a kitchen full of white cabinets is beautiful and open looking.  
There's no way I'm going to repaint our current cabinets, even if Kevin were to jump on board with the idea.

So the walls it is.  Now to go through the agony of picking out just the right color.  Any suggestions?


  1. A nice, creamy white? Or you know my other favorite, Rainwashed. I know what you mean about a light kitchen, those are so inviting. But darker kitchens can be cozy and warm, too, especially during winter.

  2. So true! I think that might be another of my hang-ups with color: I know our winter will be COLD and I don't want to be cold inside. Guess that just means I need some window/door treatments to warm it up. ;)

  3. Behr has two I am considering for the bedroom. Heavy Cream or Creamy Mushroom. Mushroom is a little darker than the Heavy Cream. They would look good with your floor IMHO.

  4. Have you still not painted that bedroom, Beth? :)
    I've got three colors on the wall currently: Pale Sunshine, Honey Tone and Wheat Bread. We'll see....


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