Friday, June 24, 2011

Spicy BBQ Sauce

I married a renaissance man.  Not only does he build and fix things around the house and help take care of the kids, he can cook too!

He's been on a wing kick lately.  He prefers hot sauce.  We have none - at least none that would work on wings.  Time to kick the BBQ sauce up a notch, or two.

Easy-peasy and oh so good!

Spicy BBQ Sauce 

1/3 C favorite BBQ Sauce
1 T Chalula Hot Sauce

Mix these together in a bowl that has a lid.  Place your wings in the bowl.  Put the lid on the bowl and give it all a good shake.  Place them all on a platter and enjoy!
Obviously, if you like your sauce hotter, add more hot sauce.  Kevin is just being kind to my taste buds.


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