Monday, June 20, 2011

Lamp Revamp

I had some beaded trim left over from my window project.  I couldn't stand so much of it going unused at the price I paid.  (If you are reading this, Kevin, ignore that last sentence.  It was cheap, cheap, CHEAP.)

I decided to add a little to my living room lamp.


 The base and shade were both purchased from Wal-mart.  The beaded fringe is from Joann's.  Such a simple project.  Sad to say, I wasn't sure if I was going to like the finished project.  (Typical Me.)  To alleviate my fears of completely ruining the lamp shade, I stitched the fringe around the bottom instead of gluing.  Now with just a snip it can be removed.   I like it, though, so it will be staying.   It was nice to actually knock a project out in one evening this time.


  1. That looks gorgeous! Are you modelling it on your head in the first photo - looks like a neck showing underneath!

  2. Awesome! Nothing like knocking out a simple project;o)

  3. Nice touch! I never worry about Michael reading my blog. Ha!


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