Monday, June 13, 2011

EXPO House Party

We've been super busy around here, but the kids and I did take some time to have some fun with friends. 

Have you heard of  I hadn't until I talked with my SIL.  Basically, companies want to promote their products and HouseParty connects these companies with consumers to try out the products.  I decided to apply for the Expo party, and was one of the luck few chosen!

 Everyone who came got a dry erase board, six fine point markers, 3 bullet point markers and an eraser.  All courtesy of Expo.  As hostess I got a bonus of the dry erase easel. :)

The kids had a blast drawing with the bright colored markers on their personal whiteboard.  My kids have been using everything all weekend long.  I even had to search my 4 year old before bed to make sure she didn't sleep with the markers!

If you have a chance, go check out  We had a lot of fun with this party and there are all kinds of other parties available for all tastes and interests.  

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