Thursday, April 7, 2011

Universal Pacifier Holder And Tutorial

Our little butterball has been dubbed 'Sir Throws-A-Lot' by my husband.  Having a son with a great throwing arm is something of which to be proud; however, it can be hugely embarrassing in the middle of church services.  Since we usually sit close to the front on the middle isle, there are many times Kevin has to get up and retrieve a pacifier or toy in view of the whole congregation.  I seriously don't know how our preacher keeps a straight face.

As always, when I have a problem, it's a reason for a craft project.  Since S uses a Soothie pacifier, it's hard to find a holder that will work with it.  So I had to get a little creative.  (I'm pretty sure I've seen some very similar to these out on the market, too.)

I didn't think about taking pictures through the process, but here is what I did.

1/2" twill strap - about 12" (or whatever you prefer)
1/8" cording - 7" or 8"
clip for end
Fray Check
extra sewing machine needle

Use Fray Check (or something similar) on both ends of your twill.  Allow to dry.

Tape your cording to a sewing machine needle.  This will help you get the cording through the twill.  Just gently wiggle it all through.  It might take a little finessing, but it is doable.
Try not to go back through the same hole.  (This will prevent the cord from eventually coming out of the twill and leaving a big hole.)  Tie a knot in the cording.
 Put the other end through the clip part.  Fold both ends over and secure with some stitches on the machine.
 Such an easy thing to make!

Now you can attach just about anything to your child and save you some embarrassment.

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  1. Now enlarge that band so it fits around a sippy cup and I want it. I am so tired of picking it up off the floor at the store!

  2. Aw, that's what keeps us limber and flexible, Beth. :) Crystal has a tutorial over at Fussy Monkey Business for a sippy cup holder that might work for you. Go check it out!


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