Friday, April 8, 2011

Cake Decorating Purchase

Our oldest turns 8 at the end of April.  So hard to believe I have a child that old!  We have decided this is a good year/age to have a birthday party (something we rarely do).

If all the stars were alligned, I would be having my friend Anna make the cake.  (Check out some of her creations here.)  Since the stars are against me, I'll be making the cake.  I'm excited and extremely nervous about venturing back into cake decorating.  Especially since I have used Fondant only once in the past.  I'm sure it won't be difficult.  I just hope I can get the images I have in my head out.  Fortunately, I have a few weeks before the actual party to practice.

While brainstorming about party themes, she really liked the idea of  a Hawaiian theme.  There are some amazingly cute ideas out there on the internet!  And some crazy good looking cakes!

Now, to get some invitations, decorations, cake idea finalized, menu........


  1. I'm sure the cake will be lovely! A party sounds so fun. It's been several year since we through a party for the girls too. We've been keeping it down to a family celebration the last few birthdays.
    Eight is a huge deal isn't it? It really hit me hard last year. It sounds so close to ten!

  2. Wow. I should really read my comments before I post. "It's been several YEARS since we THREW a party for the girls too." Sheesh.

  3. It does seem really close to 10. I'm already getting questions like 'When do I get my own phone?'. Crazy!


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