Monday, May 24, 2010

Flower Bed Redo: Part 1

This post should be entitled 'Shouldna', Oughta, but Shor'nuf.....'. As in, "I shouldna' done it.  I oughta been inside out of the heat cleaning. But, shor'nuf, I did it anyway!"

I've been antsy to get outside and enjoy the weather lately.  It's been absolutely BEAUTIFUL!  So, true to my nature, I went at it full force on a very hot/humid day.  (Gotta work around the nap and nursing schedule here, people!)

Here is a quick before shot.  I really haven't figured out why the person before us wanted that little bit of sod laid between the sidewalk and flower bed, but it's there.

My very willing, um, helpers.  I think that shovel is as big as they are!

And, (drum roll, please) here is the after.

All the sod pulled up and an huge amount of earthworms saved in the process.

It really didn't take me that long to get the sod pulled up.  A couple of hours in that heat, though, and I was DONE.  There is only so much my poor little, 10 week post-pregnancy body can take.  (I am SO our of shape!)  And it may have been my imagination, but I think all the construction workers in the subdivision were coming by and slowing down for a look.  I don't recall that much truck traffic in front of our home any other day.  All well, at least I can give them a good laugh while they are working.

I'm quite proud of what I accomplished in such a short time today.  I'll keep working on it this week. Hopefully, I'll get it done before my husband returns from his business trip on Friday, but we'll see.  I think I'll also try to work on it in the mornings when it's fully shaded in this area.
Boy, am I going to sleep well tonight!!


  1. That is hard work! Our builder has a floor plan where they landscape the same way! It will be so lovely when you are done.

  2. It's gonna look great! I can't wait to see what the final outcome is! Drink plenty of water!!

  3. that is weird that they put sod there. It looks much better now that you have gotten hold of it! you are my hero! I forget about the outside o my house. I was so proud of myself for actually buying some plants, pillows, and a rug to go on our screened in porch today. It has looked so bare out there for over a year. Now it looks a bit more inviting. I'll stay posted. Miss you guys so much!


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