Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Dress to Shirt Redo

I finally broke out the sewing machine yesterday and actually completed a small project.  It felt SO good!!! Even thought I had to bounce back and forth several times between sewing, nursing, sewing, snack, sibling fight, sewing, lunch...... you get the idea, I did enjoy getting my hands back on some fabric, thread and pins.

This dress has been shoved around from closet to closet with each kid.  I love it.  Cute, feminine, light weight and easy to wear.  Only problem was at some point a big reddish stain appeared on the side of the skirt.  I have put it on a kid thinking it wasn't that noticable, but then the stain would just glare at me.  So, after about 3 years, a lightbulb finally went off for me yesterday.  Cut the stain out!  Duh!

Here is the after!

I'm really pleased with the results!  It even retained it's twirl factor, so Munchkin is pleased, too.

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